Managing Life’s Transitions with Confidence

Independent financial advisors for people facing life-altering events, The MoneyPower Group offers you the services and resources you need to navigate life’s major changes, milestones and transitions.

We understand that it’s not just about money. Important money decisions have an analytical side and a human side. While technical expertise is critical, it is often emotions, relationships, and behaviour that drive decision-making. Our team has the skills and tools to help you shape change while making decisions that reflect your values and attitudes.

Managing Life’s Transitions with Confidence

Are you facing a life-changing event?

Whether it is a windfall or a setback, an exciting new chapter in your life, or one that has turned your life upside down, we can help you pause, take stock and reflect on what is important to you.

Our process will help you make better financial decisions, understand the long-term impact of those decisions, and build resilience as you work through the transition.